The verdict

Jouko stood up and tried to look like he wasn’t half starving. He bowed towards the gods and the jury.

“My lord, my lady,” he addressed the gods.

“The things that you have been told here today have been taken out of context and twisted to make them seem like something they are not,” he continued.

“I am happy to hear that. Could you put things in the right context, please?” Absalom said.

“With pleasure, my lord. In the last five generations the Beloved One have been showing signs of weakness that, quite frankly, is dangerous,” Jouko said.

“How’s that?” Selene asked.

“They have been more restricting when it comes to interactions with humans. We have fewer ways to express our true nature. The council has put laws and restrictions in place to protect the weak humans from us. It’s a threat to my race,” Jouko told her.

“The Beloved One, would you like to respond?” Absalom asked.

“I would, thank you,” Adina said, standing up. She didn’t walk toward the gods or the vampire. She stood b
Dripping Creativity

This is where we leave Adina, Colin and Sean. At least for now. I hope that you have enjoyed their journey and thank you for sticking with it all the way to the end.

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Deborah L Dawdy
I loved this story. I hope you will tell the children's story as well.
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