Chapter 32: I'm sorry.

The night went by with Mrs. Bella and Amalia chattering happily, making the most of their time before it is gone...

Amalia got to sleep with her mum, who kept on watching her while she sleeps. Her flight was at 9 am and Amalia have taking some hours off work to see her mum off at the airport...

It was like time was running faster for Amalia, it was only a moment ago she lay down and now, it is dawn...but that didn't stop her from doing all that was in her mind. The kick-off to the airport was her very first time seeing one and the excitement was something she couldn't hide...It was a heartbreaking sight for Amalia to watch Mrs. Bella leave but as the strong lady that she was, she stood her ground and refused not to be the clingy little girl that she always was...She bid her goodbye and left for the shop, she was sad. Being alone has always been her greatest fear and now, she has to face it no matter how difficult it seems to be...The once lively and sweet Amalia was gone, her countena
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