Chapter 36: Second Job

Amalia couldn't stop herself from thinking about Nelly's mum's health condition. So far, they were able to raise half of the money but they can't just depend on their present job to raise the rest of the money needed even though they work extra hours for three months...the only option left is to look for work with high pay but the question here is, where can they get such a work? and which work will allow girls of their age to work without any qualification? it was way harder than she thought but as always, she is very optimistic and believes there's always a way out...She decided thereon to have a search for another job, if not the one with high pay, at least that which could be done alongside their present job...

Amalia made mention of her thoughts and plans to Nelly and she quickly bought it, it makes a lot of sense...seeing Amalia all concerned and worried over her mum is something she will never get used to. It's like they've known each other for years now even though it hasn't be
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