Chapter Eighteen

A few days passed and Thea and I were still not on speaking terms. She was still upset about what happened and avoided me like the plague.

Adam on his part, did everything to cheer me up. He took me snorkeling, dolphin riding, and even paragliding. While it was fun, it still didn't stop me from being upset about my best friend.

"I have a surprise for you," Adam said one of the afternoon we were free.

"You do?"

His face breaks into a wide smile. "What do you say to a balloon ride with champagne and strawberries?"

"I would love that!" I gushed. "Wow, you're seriously spoiling me, Adam. We've done so many dates already, it feels like we've been married for seven years," I joked and he chuckled.

"It's our honeymoon, sweetheart. We're supposed to be doing stuff like this. And seeing you smile makes it all worth it," he acknowledged, as he gazed softly at me.

When he gives me pet names in private and looks at me like that, it's hard to remember that this is all fake.

"Thank you. I just need
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