The Love Zone
The Love Zone
Author: JoaA

Party night

The night covers the city of Los Angeles, which is also when the night world reigns. The lights shine in the starry night, at the Night Star bar. A most famous bar in the city of Los Angeles, under the management of the state of Black Eagle. You must have a membership card here to enter, the bar here is only for young masters, powerful ladies or stars to enter. Because it takes tens of millions of dollars to stay here a night. 

. The music blares, the dim lights make the atmosphere of the bar blurry. People in groups of three and seven chat together, or else come here to find a one-night stand,... at the bar, there are three girls with millimeter-standard bodies sitting and laughing with each other.

- Ammit, this is your birthday present.

The person who spoke was Lily Watson, twenty-one years old this year, 1.72m tall, a third-year university student at a famous university. She has an angelic face, a natural beauty that anyone who looks at her will envy. She is the young lady of the Watson group but had a miserable childhood. A heartbreak that she could never forget.

- Thanks.

And this person is Ammit Wenvel, the only daughter of the third family that is the Wenvel corporation. Twenty-one years old this year, 1m70 tall is Lily's best friend, with a very cute baby face. The person sitting next to her is Ella McGarden, 21 years old this year, 1m68 tall, a queen of the Queen Group specializing in jewelry business, and a close friend of Lily and Ammit. Of the three, she is the most cowardly, but she doesn't leave her friends in danger. This girl is a bit childish and naughty.

- All friends, thank you.

Ella was engrossed in a cocktail glass in her hand and said

- Huh! I thank Lily, not thank you?

Ammit coldly snorted

- Grandma... Lily....Ammit bullied me.

Ella pouted her red lips, her eyes resentful looking at Lily made her laugh. The smile is very beautiful, revealing the very charming coin nipples.

- Grandma... what are you laughing at?

Ella pouted

- No...nothing...

Ella tried not to let her childish appearance make her laugh.

But in a corner of the bar, Edwards Collins holds a glass of wine and shakes it lightly in his hand, the liquid in the glass moves with it. The phoenix eyes narrowed as they looked at where Luvy was sitting. Edwards took a sip of wine and leaned back on the sofa, closing his eyes to rest.

- Edwards, you haven't come for a long time, why didn't you say anything?

Gray looked disgruntledly at his best friend, who was coldly leaning back on the sofa. Gray Alexandra is the general manager of Queen's Group, which specializes in jewelry business, Ella's brother, and also has a hotel. This year 27 years old, 1m83 tall, handsome as a prince.

Hearing Gray say that, Edwards' closed eyes opened, looking at his good friend coldly uttering three words that made the other vomit blood

- Not interested.

Edwards finished, picked up the glass of wine and drank it in one gulp, then glanced at Luvy's thin lips, revealing a rare smile that was hard to see, but unfortunately Gray saw it and laughed

- Our Edwards can laugh too?

His words attracted the attention of Alex Redford, he was Edwards's effective man and good friend, the general manager of the Redford Corporation under one person per ten thousand people and also the second ruler of the Black Eagle state. This year 25 years old, 1m85 tall, handsome and carrying a cold feature but still far behind Edwards.

- What's up?

Alex looked at Gray coldly, a look of disbelief, but before he could answer, he saw someone else's cold eyes. Do what you want to say, you have to swallow it, but you still don't forget to glare at him. His mouth kept mumbling like a child...

- I'm right, I'm not wrong...

Alex saw that he was autistic and Edwards left. Had to voice a reminder:

- Just keep going.

After saying that to make someone angry, he got up and left.

As for Lily, since today is Ammit's birthday, she is very happy and takes off her disguise. But this is also the first time she stepped foot into the bar.

- Lily, you go, did your father say anything? Ella looked at her worriedly, asked cautiously. But her only response was a cold word.

- No.

Lily took a glass of light wine and finished it, then stood up

- I'll go first.

- Okay, come back carefully.

Ammit looked at Lily's figure and followed, then turned to Ella shaking her head and said

- Don't talk about Lily's family anymore.

Ella seemed to know her fault, her eyes filled with tears as she looked at Ammit and nodded.

- A...let's go.

So both of them left and the wheel of fate began to turn.

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