- Princess, please keep your word.

The so-called "princess" turned around, looking into her eyes with an indescribable sadness.

- Okay, Ken... I'll follow you back, we'll be engaged.

The girl's voice was like a soulless girl, and in the end, she couldn't get out of this arranged marriage. The man named Ken is the son of the earl of England, and the girl is the princess of England. Perhaps fate did not let us come together, goodbye "the one I loved". A tear fell down the girl's face.

- Let's go.

Lilly was watching TV when the phone rang, she looked at the screen and then answered the phone

- Hello?


- Okay, I know.


- Thank.

Lilly pursed her lips

- Minerva, your days are not long. Don't blame me for being cruel, blame me for daring to touch my friends.

Lilly picked up the phone to call someone.

- Tonight, 7 o'clock at the Night Star bar. I have something to tell you.

- Okay.

Edwards was drenched from the rain, he entered the garage at the villa to find out that th
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