Where's Edwards?

Lilly nodded but still hugged Edwards, he didn't say anything, pressed the gas and ran all the way to Black Eagle headquarters. The supercar stopped in front of the villa, not to say the castle in the ancient style. The car standing in front of the sharp gate is finely engraved in black. The iron door slowly opened, the car running along the two sides of the road was a line of people wearing black clothes, with no expression bowing their heads. The car drove straight into the garage, he saw Lilly sleeping. He gently got out of the car and carried her inside. Two rows of servants bowed, but couldn't help but be surprised to see the master holding a girl in his lap? Is the lady of legend (legendary) pampered by the boss? Love? What did everyone in the state look for when they disappeared?

Edwards ignored everyone's suspicious looks and headed upstairs. Carrying her into his bedroom, he carefully covered Lilly with the blanket. Lovingly kissed her forehead, looking at the wound on Lilly'
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