"Mum! Mum! I have good news!" There was a loud cry of a teenager as he barged into the room looking as agile as ever.

"Not again!" Mother Theresa sighed resignedly. She just had to take care of one trouble and now another had walked in.

"What is it Jacob?" The middle aged woman sighed tiredly. 

The teenage boy paused in his footsteps as he stared at his unconscious sister. After some minutes, he went back to his cheerful self looking unbothered. He was used to seeing his sister unconscious most of the time. She was always doing f**lish things that could bring danger to her and despite knowing this she didn't stop. He rolled his eyes dramatically and took his eyes off her figure then turned to look at his tired mother. Just as he opened his mouth to talk, an object came flying towards him. Like he had expected this, Jacob reflexively dodged it. Ever since he had rolled his eyes at his sister, he knew she was awake and she was up to no good. He was proven right when he caught the sight of an object coming towards him from the corner of his eyes. If it were a mere human, he/she would have been hit hard on the head by the fast approaching object.

"Do you want to kill me? How could you do that to your sweet and lovely brother?" Jacob dramatically placed his hand on his chest while practicing an exaggerated breathing pattern.

"You are anything but sweet and lovely"  the conscious Alice said as she comfortably sat on the bed. She glared at her younger brother and if looks could kil, the boy would be long gone. She had been awake before her brother came and her eyes were slightly opened while watching her mother who was lost in thought. The moment she heard the loud voice of her brother, like a normal behavior, her eyes rolled and she internally slapped her forehead. Her wolf was not left out of this as she also sighed loudly only to the hearing of Alice. Here he comes again!

"Oh, come on sis, you're hurting my feelings" Jacob faked a gasp and dramatically touched his chest. 

"You know, you'll definitely be famous if you become an actor" Alice said as she faked a laugh. Jacob was smart enough to know that there was an incoming danger. He gradually moved to the door and held the handle preparing to run as soon as he sights any attack.

Just like he thought, Alice jumped out of the bed, wanting to pounce on her annoying brother but was immediately held by her mother. Alice had no choice but to give her mother her undivided attention. 

"Quit it! Jacob,what is the good news you said you had?" Mother Theresa asked looking more energized than she formerly was. She tried to cover it up with her sterness but her two smart children had detected it. Although, she couldn't say it aloud but she was always happy anytime they argued or bantered. This showed the love they both had for each other. She knew she could never say this to their faces as this would become a daily and continuous routine for them. All she had to do whenever she was down was to listen to them banter. Unlike other children, she knew her children were special in every way. Ever since their father had died, they've taken it upon themselves to make her smile whenever she was down which was meant to be the opposite. 

"Yeah about that. Mum I found this as soon as I walked into the shop. Someone might have dropped this mistakenly but since it is a huge benefit to my big headed sis over there I decided to bring it over so you both could take a look. At first I had blindly picked it up and wanted to throw it out but after catching a glimpse of its content, I refrained myself from doing so" Jacob seriously explained.

"Wow, I'm so glad you're beginning to get smart. My effort is truly not going to waste" Alice teased with a straight face. Inwardly,only God knew happy she was even if she hadn't read the flier. She was glad her brother was thoughtful and truly cared about her.

Jacob puffed his cheek in anger but soon turned into a smirk as soon as he thought of something. How dare his sister tease him! 

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