Damon stared hard at the bodies expressionless. Alex stood next to him as they watched the pack’s physician who was currently bent over, examining one of the dead men.

A few warriors stood around them waiting for the physician to be done, and finally, he stood up with a sigh.

“Sorcery,” He announced much to the shock of everyone. Damon felt his face hardened at the declaration, the two men had been his pack’s warriors.

“We’ve lost three warriors to this witch!” Alex said angrily.

It was obvious now that Alena had been telling the truth, there really was a witch in their land. He clenched his fist, he was going to destroy her, it was a solemn promise. He despised sorcerers with everything in him, one had taken Aria and his child away from him, and anyone again who dared to come even as close to him as his territory border was going to feel his wrath and now there was one freely moving in his lands, killing his warriors and had even gotten as close to killing him.

“But it's one unlike I'
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