Damon sat up slowly, he reached out a hand and collected the wristwatch from Alex. The glass was broken and it had blood stains on it.

I stared at it mouth agape. The first and last time I’d seen it was on the day it had been gifted to me, I remember discarding it on the table because I knew I was never going to wear it, ever.

“I’ve never seen this with Alena,” Damon said. “Theo! That lying bastard!”

“It’s mine, dad gave it to me on the night of the party and I’d kept it in the bedroom. Amidst the chaos of that night, I totally forgot about this, I've never worn this wristwatch a day in my life.” I explained.

Damon turned to me. “It’s yours?” He asked.

I nodded.

“He’s obviously lying.” I said, “I have no reason to attack Theo and why would I leave my wristwatch lying there? It makes no sense.”

“Someone is setting you up,” Damon said in a low voice, turning to me.

I was well aware of that fact. Theo was, I didn't know his plans but this stupid move had his M.O all over it.

Damon contin
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