The Trial Of Amaro

I watched the pack’s courtroom proceedings with interested eyes, I’d never witnessed one before. The court was an open one with a bench for the noble blood of the pack while the ordinary werewolves stood around watching.

The gambling house owner whose name I learned was Amaro stood at the center of everyone’s attraction, his hands and legs were in shackles and he swayed from where he stood. His eyes were swollen and his lips quivered, it was obvious he was scared.

Damon stood at a higher stool and away from everyone, directly opposite Amaro and where he could see everyone clearly. His eyes were cold, and nothing about him said the lover I’d come to know, it was slightly unnerving. My eyes went through the crowd in search of someone but I didn't see her nor Sam - the two vampires I knew, it did them good to stay out of public gatherings like this one.

From beside me, my mom squeezed my hand and I had no idea if she was calming herself or me.

“Proceed,” Damon said, even his voice exuded
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