One Terrible Truth

“Are you okay?" Helena asked, hurrying to my side, her arms around me as she tried to help me up.

"They want me dead," I said quietly.

"You must not mind them, please. They are in pain over the loss but I know you didn't kill him." She said, her hand gripping my side as she led me to the bed.

The chants were still going on strong and I had no idea what Damon was up to. My mind was reeling with different thoughts, if the vampires hadn't done this, then who had? Who knew I was searching for the commander and had used that to lure me out? It had to be the vampires, maybe Adrianne had just been lying, but deep down my instincts told me she hadn't been.

I shut my eyes and forced myself to think of a solution, there was no way to prove my innocence but there certainly was a way to make this go away. The only way the members of the Dark Moon pack would forget about what I was being accused of was if something bigger were to happen.

In the same breath that the thought occurred to me, I shook
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