Earth-shattering Silence

I shared a look of worry with Damon, my fears had come true. My eyes darted about in search of them but I saw nothing. The cries from the pack members increased and right before my eyes, I saw an arrow fly and lodged itself in the chest of the Beta of the former Winterborn pack.

The man’s eyes widened just as another one flew and landed in his throat, blood oozed from him and he collapse to the floor, his eyes wide open in horror.

The warriors were at alert now, yelling orders to each other as they moved swiftly into action. Their new leader of the warriors, Silas, hurried over to us.

“Alpha, I’ll escort you back to your homes. It’s unsafe now.”

Damon pulled out the blade that was tucked underneath his shirt, its sharp end glinted dangerously. His eyes had darkened and his voice came out rough when he spoke.

“Escort the Luna.” He said.

I shook my head immediately. “No, no.” There was no way in hell and back that I'll be caught cowering inside the house while he fought against the vam
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