A Bloodied Lesson

The shop owner went down with a loud cry that tore through the silence of the hall, reverberating through the walls and back. I could feel every onlooker’s breath held as they watched me display my sorcery.

He laid on the floor writhing from pain and even though it hadn't been enough to kill him, I was certain he would never remain the same - hurting bad enough to wish death upon himself.

The next face was unfamiliar and he watched me with the same defiant eyes.

“It is horrible enough that you were our Luna, your kind disgusts me! Go on, force me to bow down to someone I will never succumb to! Do it!” He yelled at me.

I felt his words ricochet in me and I wanted so badly to tell him it had nothing to do with me and that I was also a pawn in this game but yet again, what use would that be? They hated me already for being a sorcerer, and nothing was going to change that.

Despite his stubborn outwardness, the cry he let out was louder than the first. I was not heartless enough to feel no
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