I looked like an idiot while thinking about what happened. I was startled by the voice of Nanet who was in front of the table and eating.

She is really greedy in food, it is not lunch yet but she’s already eating. She always seems to be hungry and has a pet python in her stomach. I stopped near her.

"What are you talking about?" I asked her. She approached me. I was surprised when she touched my forehead while smirking.

"I thought you are sick. Your face is red and you're also out of your mind while walking towards here!" Said the talkative Nanet.

"I just feel hot from cleaning and also I am tired." I answered while rolling my eyes at her.

It's hard to trust because she bit the gossiper. She might be rebroadcasting what happened to me upstairs with our rude boss. I took a deep breath and she no longer asked me about it. She decided to go back to eating.

I approached the table when I saw that there was drinking water above it.

I poured into the glass once and drank it continuously, I felt thirsty as if I joined a race. Until now my heart is beating and I can't understand why? I just faced our boss like that and my heart was pounding non stop. I've only been here a few days and it's not good. I still hear from my companions that Sir Henry is a well-known playboy and he never takes girls seriously. I need to avoid it. While there was still time, I had to stop my heartbeat.

While Nanet was still eating, I decided to stand in front of her and watch her eat. Even though she is greedy, she is not gaining weight, her body is just right.

And even though she offered me to eat as well, I refused. I don't feel like eating yet and lunch is coming up so I'll just wait for it.

I silently watched around. I couldn’t help but admire the beautiful interior design of every corner of the house. Even in the kitchen you can see the luxury in every item you can find.

"Lynelle, Ma'am and sir are expected to come home at the end of the month after their vacation in America," I also heard from her that the couple is always on vacation and at the same time they also visit their youngest son who is studying there.

I just hope they are kind because my colleagues here say that the couple is very smart. They also don't care about their housemaids as long as their work goes well. They just avoided the eldest son because he was very serious and didn't know how to smile.

A month has passed and everyone is busy preparing for the arrival of our bosses.

Curtains and bed sheets need to be new. I am the one assigned here. I finished cleaning the downstairs so I'll clean the rooms next.

I have finished all the rooms except for Sir Henry whom I avoid. I really had no choice but to clean it as well.

Maybe he's not here now because I saw him leave this morning. I slowly opened his bedroom. Nanny Cora mentioned that he knew that we would clean now. I slowly entered even though I knew that he wasn’t here.

I roam my eyes around the room. It is huge and perfect for a rich man like him. Even though its color is masculine, it undeniably suits him.

His bed is too big. The whole room can be turned into a house.

I first changed the bed sheet of his big bed. Even though I struggled, I finished changing it while sweating and panting. I looked above the large window. I sighed because I couldn't reach it.

I was looking for a place where I could stand. I saw a chair on the study table in the bedroom. I picked it up and carried it towards the window. I attached the curtains successfully even though it was hard.

I took a deep breath. I look at it again before deciding to get off the chair. I screamed in shock at his sudden voice.

I wasn't prepared for it so my other foot slipped. Am I that busy and I didn't feel anything when he came in?

I thought I was about to fall when a quick hand clasped behind my back and we both fell to the floor.

I heard his weak curse. He is the one who is over me as he hugged me so I wouldn't get hurt.

I slowly opened my closed eyes. I blushed at our position on the floor. I couldn’t help but frown. 'Why didn't I realize he had entered? I'm too serious about what I’m doing so I didn’t hear the door open. This is really shameful' that's my mind.

"Are you alright?" He asked me.

I could see the concern on his face because of what happened. He looked me in the eye to get my attention. I can't look directly at him. Am I shy or nervous?

"I’m okay." I answered him.

He looked at me seriously. He closed his eyes for a moment and immediately opened it again. His face is really smooth. The actors will be upset with his good looks. Even if he will audition for body and face beauty, he will definitely pass immediately.

He gently stroked my face. I looked at him. I can see his Adam's apple moving without taking away his look on my face.

"Damn, Mary Lynelle." He softly cursed. "What are you doing to me?"

My eyes widened to realize that I was still over him and there was something that felt hard and seemed to be stabbing my stomach. My face heated because of that. I’m innocent of everything but I can’t help but blush.

She stood up immediately due to the embarrassment and I couldn't look at him. He was secretly smiling. I rolled my eyes to cover up the embarrassment I felt.

I don’t know what to feel. I feel the heat all over my face.

"You're embarrassing," I said to myself.

It was even more embarrassing as he watched me intently as I continued what I was doing and he didn’t come out of his room. There are two windows in his room and I finished the other one earlier.

I tried my best to quickly finish what I was doing while ignoring his presence even though his gaze followed my every move. I secretly glanced at him.

He was lying on his bed with his head resting on his two arms. I rolled my eyes. How can I leave here when people keep watching over me?

I slowly walked closer to the door when I saw his attention was not on me. I’m thankful that someone called him. I was stunned when he suddenly grabbed my hand on the doorknob. I looked at him sharply and he was swallowed by what I did.

"I'm done with work S-Sir! Maybe I can go out?" I asked him. He rubbed his nose and closed his eyes tightly.

"Are you avoiding me?" He asked me. "I've been waiting for you for a few days, when you see me you always find a way to avoid it. I've been waiting for this opportunity to be alone with you." He said.

I could not move at what he said. Is this true? He can’t like someone like me, maybe he was just tripping me and that’s it. He held my hand. He slowly turned me towards him. He approached me and placed his one hand on my waist while the other caressed my face. His sight travels to my whole face.

"Do you know that I always can't sleep? I also try to avoid you but you always haunt my mind," he said softly to me.

Slowly his face came closer to mine. I don't know why I'm closing my eyes and it looks like someone ordered me to do that. It was as if that was his signal and it completely covered my pitying lip.

He kissed me softly as if he was waiting for my reaction.

I heard him whisper. "Please, love." In his husky voice. My lips moved at his weak command.

I let myself go. I mimic how he kissed me. From this kiss, I know that many girls have already tasted his lips. Even if I get jealous, it's already in the past.

I opened my eyes as he closed his eyes as he kissed me. He seemed to like it and really enjoyed what he was doing. I heard him groan and cursed. I was amazed because he was still so hot even though he was swearing.

He stopped and gasped while letting go of my lips. He pressed our foreheads together while hugging me. Another kiss on my hair and stare at me.

"From now on, you're mine Lynelle, and you're not allowed to be courted by anyone." He kissed my forehead again and looked at me seriously.

"Hmmm, how about you?"

He just stared at me. How come that I'm his girlfriend? 'But he's not telling me that he's my boyfriend! It's up to him to be assuming, even if he's my first kiss I won't listen to him.' That's my mind.

"Mom and Dad are coming tomorrow. Let me introduce you to them." 'Introduce yourself right away? I didn't even say that he was already my boyfriend.' I just nodded to him to get out and I've been here for a long time.

He didn't want to allow me and he would take care of Nanny Cora. I did not allow him so that my companions would not say that I was abusive. If I know, he will do something crazy. I don’t trust him because we were the only ones in the room. I just let him kiss me and now he has become clingy.

"What the?" I said to Nanet when she suddenly greeted me the moment I came out of the room.

She is smiling while raising her other eyebrow. He tickled me as I walked out the door. I stared at him. This girl is really a gossiper.

"What did Sir Henry do to you? You stay there for a long time?" she teased.

"What? No- nothing" I denied. She grinned as if she didn't believe me.

"Tell me Lynelle. Let's just keep it a secret!" she naughtily said.

I did not answer. I feel like I have no right to like someone like him. But I'll admit I'm falling for him.

I'll just let him do what he wants until he gets bored. I’m still hesitant to dream that he will fall in love with me.

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