Chapter 29: My Woman You Dare To Move?

Phan Vu was so angry that he raised his hand to slap Lam Kieu, but before she could lower it, she was stopped by Vuong Dong Quan's big arm.

"Want to touch my woman?" The coldness in his voice made Phan Vu take a few steps back.

“Your women? Then the more I have to touch, on what basis can she bully others?" Currently, Phan Vu's whole face is smeared with alcohol, the makeup is exposed and looks horrible.

“Rely on me have money! Don't embarrass yourself, you're from the Phan family, so you should know some shame." Wang Dongjun pushed her away, he didn't want to break her face. At the Phan family, he still needed to do some important things, so as not to cause trouble for her.

Minh Son went to the front to call Phan Vu's assistant to bring her back, Phan Vu was unwilling, but his body was so wet that he couldn't stay to lose face anymore. Lam Kieu's eyes are more malicious, she will definitely take revenge.

Lam Kieu took in Phan Vu's expressions, she was neither sad nor happy, but sighe
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