Chapter 12 Vacation time interrupted

I was packing a borrowed duffel bag and holding up the bottoms of my two-piece swimwear when Jordan came into my doorless bedroom. I watched him eye the bikini bottoms approvingly and his human green eyes landed on my narrowed blue ones.

"I got some bad news, the commander-in-chief is releasing Griffin due to his "popularity" so he's probably going to follow after us to the lake," he said bitterly. I shrugged my shoulders, not caring in the slightest.

"I'm not concerned. I figure both of you will be swarmed with women once we arrive so I'll be able to catch some rays in peace," I replied staunchly and Jordan frowned. He told me he wasn't letting me out of his sight encase I got accosted with unwanted attention.

"How noble of you," I teased and he started tickling my sides. I tried avoiding him as I fell back onto the bed and he stumbled on top. I was looking up at him with a grin. Jordan leaned down and pressed his lips to mine and kissed me. I moved my mouth hesitantly against his bu
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