Chapter 25 Building closer bonds with my Beta 

"My daughter, Claire can be your Gamma," Enzo said quietly and I smiled. I told him that'd be awesome if she wanted but we didn't have a name for our imaginary pack. I couldn't call it the golden blood pack because not all the cryptids carried the rare blood. I'd have to sit and think about it, hopefully with the help of others. Enzo had left and came back an hour later with a full plate of pasta and told me I needed to eat a lot for the little wolf inside of me. Enzo was such a Godsend. He also told me he'd be working closely with Jordan due to his extensive knowledge on blood. I laughed softly as I ate quickly.

"I don't have financial backing like Griffin has. How do the packs get their funding?" Enzo grinned slightly at my out of the blue question.

"All the members contribute to the pack is my understanding. Besides dear, your Beta is over three hundred and I invested my money well and own lots or territory for us all to frolic upon," he replied happily. I chuckled softly and fini
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