Chapter 37 amazing Alpha

Zurac opened the cabin and I smiled as I entered. The decor was very manly but looked appealing and appropriate.

"My two children and I can move to another place," he said sincerely and my brow creased as I shook my head.

"Nonsense, sir. I planned on having all the rooms full and I know there are four and plenty for us all to live peacefully together. Plus I enjoy cooking large meals so it's a win-win for both our families," I told him. He grinned slightly and said, "I do enjoy eating." I laughed and he gestured for me to follow him through the home to show me what he had added. I was pleasantly surprised by the added basement, full of children's toys and a bathroom with a laundry room.

"Children create lots of dirty clothing and since Yutu isn't potty trained yet there's going to be lots of diapers to wash," he said assuredly and I glanced up at him and smiled. He placed his large hand on the small of my back and took me upstairs and showed me to my bedroom. It would have been a gues
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