Chapter 3 - Fenriz

This isn't fucking good.

With the way my beast has been threatening to come to the surface lately is forcing me to go to the underground pit. Ever since I met my mate last week, he has wanted nothing more than to claim her, but I refuse because I know that once I do, that would be the end of her.

It also doesn’t help that she’s under my fucking roof as we speak. The scent of wisteria and cherry blossoms fills my home, and it takes everything in me not to go to her bedroom each night.

Why the fuck did she have to pop into my life right now? Did my father know she would be my mate once I met her, or was this just pure coincidence? I suppose that I’ll never get a fucking straight answer out of him - this is all for his sake anyway. I’m just the Alpha for show since I am more powerful than he is, while he still rules the Vega Pack from the inside.

Walking the steps down to the pits, I feel Baron stirring once more and let out a growl.

“I will release you momentarily, fucking WAIT!” I exclaim, punching the concrete wall next to me. He snarls, and as soon as I step foot inside the pits and the silver gates lock behind me, Baron lets loose and goes absolutely insane.

/“Why have you not claimed her?!”/ he roars while I idly stand by as he lets off steam.

/“Because you will kill her the minute I lay my hands on her. I know you already; she can be my destined mate, but that won’t stop you from ripping out her heart.”/ I say through gritted teeth, getting exhausted with the way he’s carrying on.

Does he genuinely think that I do not know him? He was the one who killed my birth mother; why the fuck would I trust him with my mate?! He’s been the constant bane of my existence, the reason people fear me and call me the Luna Killer. Why should I believe a word he says?!

I allow him to drain himself of his frustrations before shifting back and walking the way to my bedroom. 

I have to marry this woman tomorrow as per the order from my father and insistence from hers. They’re not an average wolf pack, I knew that the moment I set my eyes on them - they’re something ancient and can be a lot more powerful than your average Lycan beast.

I know that I should be ecstatic that I finally met my mate, but that would be accepting her and, in turn, accepting her death at my hands. Baron already made me lower my guard with my three other brides before this, and I can’t allow myself to be fooled again.

Perhaps I should reject her-

/“Rejection for a Lycan does not come with a second chance mate,”/ Baron growls, but I simply shrug.

/“We deserve nothing more, dear friend,”/ I chuckle as I watch him glower at me.

We took three innocent lives; why should I get a chance at happiness? I’m content with the life I lead now as the so-called Alpha of my pack; my notoriety has climbed considerably, so why would I need a mate? 

/“You are selfish, Fenriz,”/ Baron starts once more. /“Have you thought about what this could mean for us?”/

I sigh. /“It means another death on our hands-”/

/“No, it means that I can finally be appeased; I won’t have a reason to kill my mate if she gives me a child.”/ Baron says, causing me to freeze in my steps.

/“Oh, is that so? Give me one good reason why I should believe your lies this time,”/ I scoff and shake my head.

/“When you meet with her, you’ll see that I am able to control myself around her. Trust me, Fenriz; we need this woman.”/

I pinch the bridge of my nose and decide to tune him out further. There is no way I will put another innocent's life in his hands and trust that they will be safe with him. 

A sadness settles in my heart as my thoughts immediately go to my last bride, Mia. She had somehow crept under my skin; her timid, gentle ways had me opening myself up to her in ways I wouldn’t usually have done with anyone. She made me happy; she gave me hope and made me… feel.

Then she fell pregnant with what would have been a werewolf, and unbeknownst to me, Baron deemed them both unworthy of carrying on his lineage. The worst part about it? We made love the night before she died, and as I slept, Baron took over and killed her.

I woke up the next morning with her heart clenched tightly in my hands.

/“That won’t happen this time; this one is our mate,”/ he drones on, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“I won’t trust you even if my life depended on it,” I mutter, walking towards the bathroom to wash away this wretched day. The last thing I wanted was to dredge up memories of my Mia, but now they’ve made their way back into my heart, and it has left me in a darker mood than before.

I am deeply aware that if I don’t have a good relationship with my beast, he will take over and consume everything that makes me still… me. Nothing I do helps; the more I try to trust him, the more he proves that he is unworthy of my trust. So what exactly do I do in this case? It’s not like I can speak to my father about this; he welcomed his beast and would see me as weak if I had to tell him about my fears.

Letting out a growl of frustration, I step into the shower and try not to think about the petite woman calling to me on the other side of my home.

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Debbie Proffer
He needs to take his father out of the equation so that he can finally be the true alpha he is.

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