Chapter 25 - Umiko

After two weeks of spending time with Fenriz, I already feel like I’ve fallen in love with him. I know it sounds silly, given the person he is, but I cannot help the way I feel. He may be a dangerous Lycan, but he treats me like a queen. He makes me smile and laugh until I can’t breathe, and when he tells me about his past, he leaves nothing out, not even the bloody parts.

My trust in him is growing, whereas my faith in Ahmya is fading.

She hasn’t spoken to me for the last two weeks, not even when I call her, but I can feel her anger building. It is the reason why I told Fenriz that I won’t be tagging along with him for the next week, that I need to train with my fox. He looked ruffled by it, but he said it should be okay since he had no big meetings scheduled.

So here I am, sitting in the garden and trying to converse with my fox before her anger explodes and everyone gets caught in the fallout.

/“Ahmya, please talk to me,”/ I start, and even though I sense her, I do not see her. /“
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