Chapter 30 - Fenriz

I can still feel Umiko’s tears on my shoulder as I continue to hold her against me. She’s fallen asleep after our bond anchored; I think everything just overwhelmed her. I lay her down next to me and cover her with the comforter while still holding her in my arms.

/“You kept your promise,”/ I tell Baron, and a look of pride shines in his eyes.

/“I did, but even as your bond anchored, Ahmya refused to meet my gaze,”/ he says sadly. /“Perhaps she’ll speak to me next time.”/

I frown at this. /“You two did nothing while we bonded? How is that even possible?”/

He huffs. /“She’s rejected me physically even as her host accepted me, and I still do not know why.”

/“We need to find out the reason behind her betrayal; a spirit not accepting her mate’s spirit is unheard of. Something must have happened, Baron, and I need you to start racking your brain over what that could be. Think of anything that could have gone wrong before she took you to Xamnir.”/ I say, remembering the look of utter sadne
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goodnovel comment avatar
So happy for Umiko and Fenriz!! Now for Baron to find out what is going on with Ahmya!! I hope her parents aren’t faking her mother’s cancer just to get a grandchild!! I think they’ll be surprised that Umiko & Fenriz have mated & marked each other! Loved the updates!!
goodnovel comment avatar
absolutely loving these chapter drops I'm so excited for each one!

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