Chapter 32 - Fenriz

Why the fuck did I have to be on the other side of Vegas now?! It’s taken me an hour to get to the hotel Umiko’s parents are in, and I’ve had a bad feeling since I called and found that they’ve checked out.

I swear to the old Gods, if they hurt her, I will rain hell down on that fucking Tsukishima and his pussy Yakuza clan.

/“Alpha, we have… there’s a problem,”/ Marcus’ voice finally reaches me over the mind link, and my heart stills.

/“Speak!”/ I growl and feel his cringing away from my voice.

/“Uhm… It’s Luna Umiko, Alpha. I’m not sure what’s wrong, but she seems to be in a state of shock and is refusing to speak.”/

On the way here, I’ve felt nothing but dread burying deep in my heart, and the fact that I cannot get a hold of Umiko is stressing me the fuck out. Now he’s telling me she’s refusing to speak. If I have to wage war against her fucking family because of this, then they’re all dead already.

I stop my car in front of the hotel and rush towards where Marcus says he’s found
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Karina Vazquez
Her dad needs to die badly
goodnovel comment avatar
Debbie Proffer
I hope they can find a witch who breaks her bonds so she can tell him the truth. Hopefully baron can get to the bottom of this.
goodnovel comment avatar
Nin Loo
How often are chapters updated?

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