Chapter 42 - Umiko

An entire week has passed, and the worry is starting to set deep in my bones. I can tell that Andreas is worried as well, and the realization doesn’t do anything to make me feel better. He refuses to talk about anything to do with Fenriz and continues to reassure me that everything is okay.

I would have continued to believe that if the door to the mansion didn’t bang open while Andreas and I were in the middle of mid-morning tea. We look at one another for a split second, then rush to where we heard the sound coming from.

I expected a happy reunion when I saw Fenriz again, expecting him to swoop me up into his arms and kiss me all over before showing me how much he missed me in our bedroom. What I did not expect was a haggard-looking Fenriz flanked by two terrified teenage girls.

“ANDREAS!” he bellows, and the Beta runs out to meet him. He’s wearing a tattered pair of jeans and a t-shirt with black hiking boots and seems exhausted right to the bone. I hear a huff as he falls to th
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Karina Vazquez
Doesn’t she needs to spill her guts too? Or have they forgotten about her fox spirit killing him slowly?
goodnovel comment avatar
Marrie Mitipelo
Great chapter. Great in the sense that Fenriz made a choice, that put Umiko in 2nd place. He should have Gone home.
goodnovel comment avatar
Yes for Umiko growing confident enough to demand respect!!!!

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