The taste of his lips…

His touch…

The feel of his masculine hands all over me as he carefully maps out my body…

For the past weeks, I have yearned for Damon Jones. My day felt incomplete each time I recalled that he was not close enough for me to reach out to. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to bring him to Alejandro’s party with the hope of filling the void that has been growing inside me for the past few days.

But I saw my intentions crashing when Damon showed displeasure because read my recent actions in a closeted way. While that didn’t bother me for too long, an unexpected yet naughty thought crept into my mind and I wanted to take the sexual agreement we had to the next level.

My disappointment was already growing as Damon was more concerned with making his anger known. But, as I suddenly felt his lips against mine, as he tightened his hold around my neck, I felt something inside me jump.

The flesh of our lips captured each other intensely as I tilted my head t
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