Tentacles emerging from the ground wrapped Brawen tightly to the wall, he calmly said: "You are only my pawn, save you, just to use your blood to kill Heidi later. It's been a long time, now we have to repay the favor, right? Brawen".

Watching that broad back disappear into the night, the tears that had been suppressed were now flowing down from his left eye down his cheek.

She never wanted to cry in front of him, because she knew she was ugly at that time, because forever...

Small tears flow only on one side.


In the old forest on the outskirts of France, thick darkness creeps into every corner of the forest. Deep in the woods, no one could imagine the horrible scene there. Even though it was only within a few hundred meters, it was like real hell.

The old trees in the forest, the wild animals in that range all seemed to have died a long time ago, although only a few minutes ago they were still green, running and jumping. The tree corners were hollow, the skeletons were bare as if
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