Brawen closed her eyes: “Yes, I like it very much. My dream is to go everywhere to see that beautiful scenery. It's really nice to have a free and free life. Hey Riven, you also like cherry blossoms right? Shall we go to Japan in April to see the cherry blossoms?"

Riven turned to face the sunset, smiling warmly: "Okay, I promise you stupid Brawen".

The sound of the person next to him had died down, leaving only the steady breathing of Brawen. Riven looked small, her hand involuntarily stroked her soft cheek. Gently grasping that small hand, he smiled. A smile that contains both happiness and sadness.

Hundreds of years as the most ruthless and professional hunter in the world, was subdued by a girl in 8 days. Can this still happen?

The organization once said: “Love is the hunter's weakness. And hunters are not allowed to have a weak point, if there is a weak point then immediately destroy it.”

But his mother once said: “When you grow up later, you will meet a girl who you can be willin
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