White skin

Meanwhile, Brawen could not understand how her brain was processing information and emotions, she opened her mouth and shouted: "Chris save me, Chris".

Before his back could touch the snow, he saw a strong arm embrace, and then someone carried his body away. That Vampire had a very strong bounce, in an instant Brawen was carried to the nearby mountain.

Brawen was afraid to rush into Chris's arms, although he was very cold, but compared to the temperature here, Chris was the hearth for Brawen.

Chris hugged Brawen, her small body was cold, her long eyelashes covered with a thin layer of snow, her body fell into a dreamy state because of the cold.

"Chris, cold," Brawen whispered. The body retreated into Chris' chest again, and continued: "It's good that you came."

Chris took off his academy jacket and put it on Brawen. The shirt was very large, enough to cover most of Brawen's body. Along the way, he picked up Brawen, keeping her small from the cold snow.

That body was warm, Chris' blood
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