Rosa drank the whole glass of blood:

Don't worry, the security zone won't let the contestants get seriously injured.

Brawen breathed a sigh of relief as if it were true:

Yeah, sorry, but as a noble representing the academy, I'm a bit nervous.

Suddenly at this moment in the dining room everyone turned their eyes to the large TV screen, even many people did not politely stand up to block the view of others.

Brawen doesn't really care about that kind of thing. But it was really hard for her to continue acting in front of Rosa, so she drove over as if waiting for a story:


Rosa also looked over: "Oh, it's Lady Kai, it seems today is her coming of age ceremony".

To be more precise, the title ceremony for an adult pure-blooded Vampire.

At this time, the guy leaned over to cover the screen due to everyone's criticism, so he politely sat down. The panoramic view of the lavish palace runs into Brawen's eyes.

On the throne, King Lewis II was sitting there, his face serious but still sl
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