Won't lose

Surrounded by silence. Don't joke, Master Anthony's sword skills are not mediocre, normally a high noble student can only last 5 seconds. However, the match between them has lasted for 7 seconds, and in that time Eron has never lost.

Moreover, if we ignore Fire Princess Irina, then this Eron is no ordinary person. More or less due to the Glacie Ice Lord's transformation, not to mention recently heard that Eron has been having a bit of an affair with Glacie's second son. Now, more Chandra Kronos spoke out in defense. It's better to let it go for a while, without losing any of their wealth, maybe in the future, they can avoid conflicts with a powerful figure.

The students who have a clan under the Kai family are quite inhibited, but nonetheless they are aware that they are too young to have a grudge against anyone without their parents' permission.

There didn't seem to be any objections around, even many students from the Lewis-Glacie clans voiced their support.

The school environment i
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