Another whip hit Brawen in the stomach, and she immediately spat out a mouthful of blood. Fortunately, it was flying at tremendous speed in the air so Irina couldn't smell it.

Either way, a vampire's body is still much better than a dragon's. If Moore was to suffer, I'm afraid no more than 3 lashes will die.

Brawen was still standing there receiving the blow, she couldn't dodge for fear of hitting Moore, nor could she create an ice shield because the whip was too strong. She could only helplessly stand there and take the blow. What Brawen can do now is save magic power and think. Please think of something, Brawen, please. So dizzy, no, don't sleep, you have to wake up, you have a lot to protect.

How can you be so stubborn? – Irina trembled with anger, what kind of cow is Eron, can she still stand after eating dozens of fire whips?

The armor was crushed by Irina, but she still stood there. The left hand that raised to receive the whip now seemed to have completely lost its feeling and
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