Little Devil

"Hey, wake up, wake up!"

"Hurry up, you little devil!"

Shelly felt the pain of being run over by a car. Her eyes narrowed because she could not adapt to the light outside, only dimly seeing herself surrounded by three or four children. Where is this?

Seeing Shelly move, one of them shouted,

"Wake up!"

Shelly wanted to push herself up to sit up, but as soon as she moved a little, she fell to her knees. It's painful. The pain awakened her memory of the terrible things that happened yesterday: abandoned aunt and uncle, scary orphanage, cruel and cruel nanny... All of it, like a fast-forward tape flashed through Shelly's head, almost made her fall into despair. Not a dream, not all a dream.

"Hey hey, you're lazy or something, you don't even go to work." A girl about ten years old, wearing a patchwork T-shirt, kicked Shelly with her feet.

Shelly had not yet recovered when another girl rushed to the block in front of her, loudly interjecting:

"Serena, stop pedaling." Yesterday, she was beaten a lot by that evil woman. Didn't you see? "

The child named Serena laughed mockingly, reached out to push the girl who had just said it, and smiled threateningly:

"Don't use that lady's tone to talk to me." I don't know what it's like. As long as I'm alive, I have to work for myself! If you have too many mouths, I will beat you to death! "

The little girl was worried and did not know what to do. Shelly stubbornly used all her strength to get up, weakly saying:

"Don't hit her." I'm awake now. "

Seeing this, the little girl was overjoyed, hurried to the side to help Shelly sit up straight, and did not forget to beg the child named Serena:

"Just give her a break, then I'll immediately tell her to work, okay?"

The child named Serena snorted coldly, and then, with the rest of the children, started sewing bows and eyes for the stuffed animal. It is such a large bag that I don't know how long it will take to finish.

"Are you okay?"

Shelly took the glass of water from the little girl's hand and took a sip. The girl had not eaten since last night until now, and was brutally beaten, both hungry and thirsty. For a young lady who was used to living under the protection and pampering of her parents, this was really bad. However, it also created a resilient personality for Shelly, making her an early-maturing six-year-old child, carrying within her a great desire for survival.

"Thank you very much. What's your name? "

The little girl saw Shelly's pure smile and was lost for a moment. Her face was small and powdery; her long, jet-black hair was a little weak, like a fragile angel. It's a pity that such a pretty child is lost in this place.

"I'm Rachel Palmer. You can just call me Rachel." Rachel smiled back.


In the following days, Shelly gradually adjusted to the miserable life at the orphanage. She was able to accept the smelly clothes, the meager meals that were extremely difficult to swallow, and the beatings of the nanny, Rose. In the first few days, Shelly was very clumsy at sewing; her ten fingers were always full of needle marks, but later on, she became more and more skillful, so much so that the nanny, Rose, also had to praise her; her attitude was also more conciliatory. Shelly was assigned tasks that required more meticulousness, such as threading jewelry chains and curtains. Every dish she makes is very good, so the rice also has some meat added instead of just a few green vegetables like before.

Rachel is becoming increasingly close to Shelly, often helping her escape the fights of other children. Although she is sometimes beaten, she still does not back down. The two of them eat, sleep, and bathe together. They are more affectionate than siblings. Shelly and Rachel both thought that as long as they kept trying to please Rose, life would get better, and one day, they would both be adopted and live a happy life. However, reality is always cruel, in stark contrast to those innocent wishes.

It was a day of heavy rain, lightning alternately slicing across the dark cloudy sky, a day filled with a sense of danger. Shelly and Rachel were finishing the last round when suddenly the nanny, Rose, brought a middle-aged man here. He has a stout figure, his face has a long scar that looks extremely scary, and his eyes are full of lust as he stares at the two of them. Shelly and Rachel were so scared that they huddled together, trying to distance themselves from him. Most of the children around at this orphanage have been around for a long time, especially a child named Serena. They knew what was going to happen but didn't remind them, just avoiding watching funny plays. Shelly and Rachel, because of their lovely appearance, ingenuity, and intelligence, are always biased, making them extremely disgusted. They even hate that they can't beat Shelly and Rachel. How can they help?

"I want these two!" The lewd man spoke hoarsely.

Babysitter Rose was a little confused. Shelly and Rachel were both very good and also very skillful. Not knowing how much benefit she had brought from those goods, she now had to sell them to a disgusting old man. That is truly unfortunate.

"We are only six years old, too young to..."

"Huh, I just like her like that. Do you have any idea?"

Nanny Rose was interrupted and threatened by him, so she shut up. Well, it's just their number, she has no choice. The man was no longer prevented by the nanny Rose. He immediately went to catch Shelly and Rachel. The two children were shocked, and hurriedly wanted to run away, but couldn't make it in time. Finally, he was caught by him. The man laughed lewdly, dragging the two children to the car. Shelly cried loudly, clinging to the doorframe, her hands cut to the point of bleeding.

"Miss Rose, Miss Rose, save us! We promise to be good, Miss Rose!"

"Miss Rose, we will work harder, work harder, please save us, please, hu hu..." Rose also cried non-stop.

Nurse Rose seemed unable to look any longer and immediately closed the door to the room. Shelly watched the door gradually close with the gloating smiles of the children inside. Her eyes became blank.

"What are you two crying about? I'll beat you to death again." If you serve me, you will be blessed for three generations. This grandfather will tell you what happiness is! "

The man hurled Shelly and Rachel onto the back of the truck, then impatiently began to undress. The two children didn't know what they wanted to do, but instinctively crawled backwards.

"Uncle, please forgive us. We will definitely be obedient. Hu hu..." Rachel innocently knelt and begged.

"Rachel!" Shelly yelled in horror.

He only saw the man who didn't let his pleas come to his ears. His big and fat body pressed on Rachel's, constantly tearing her clothes and groping her incomplete sexual body. Shelly was so scared that her eyes widened, her whole body trembled, and she wanted to get up to save her friend, but couldn't.

"Ah ah!"

Rachel screamed. Her body was bleeding a lot, but the lewd man still didn't stop pushing. The man was engrossed in lust, extremely rough, and finally played Rachel to death: she bit her tongue in pain because of the pain, blood spilled from her mouth non-stop, and her eyes went white.

Even though he had killed a person, the man was still not satisfied. He threw Rachel's body aside, reaching out his hand toward Shelly.

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