Chapter 7

Astrid got to class and was happy that at least she was early today, she took her seat at the back because that was the only available seat Remaining, she eye searched for Jane but couldn't find her, so she placed her head on the table.

Aside from Olivia, jane is also Astrid friend, they are in same Department which is the English department.

Soon Jane came in and sat close to her, making her to raise her head.

"Where have you been?, I thought you'd be here before me, but turns you were going to be late" Astrid said and when Jane was about to reply, the lecturer came in and everyone went silent.

The lecturer took his stand at the front of the class after dropping the books that was with him.

"Your test is just around the corner, and we've not done half of what's in the scheme for this semester, so I'm going to give a group assignment, you'd work on it, and submit it next week" He said and went back to collect the book he placed on the table

"I'm going to Paste the
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lmgsimpal Majumder
the next chapter must be the love and caring to Astrid by his husband.

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