His sister

Sandy was confused since she woke up all she was receiving were glares that for a moment she thought she had died and she was receiving those glares from angels who were shocked to see her in heaven after everything she had done but when the door opened and Dave was brought in with two guards, the heat in the room changed.

Dave stood before all of them with his head bowed awaiting judgement.

"What do you have to say about that thing growing in her?" Greg asked and Sandy felt like she was just dipped on ice.

"What thing?" Dave asked not wanting to believe what he was thinking was true.

"Young man, I hate repeating myself, what do you know about that pregnancy?"

"Nothing sir," Greg laughed.

"Wilson you see," Greg commented sarcastically.

"According to our family, no child is born out of wedlock and since you are man enough to impregnate a girl then you are man enough to take care of your responsibility. Your wedding will be at the end of the month and
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