Stolen goods

Remembering what the little mouse did to him yesterday, the embarrassment he went through because of him, his blood boiled making him want to deal with him.

He regretted finding himself (Dan) seated on the same table with him, like who does that but he didn't have a choice so he calmed down till he started picking on him (Dan) like some highschool boys fighting over a hot girl in school.

He can take everything but someone insulting him and bruising his ego Infront of women, that was the height of it.

"That idiot calling himself a lion," he responded and Denzel laughed.

"What did he do to you?"

"There was a time he approached me and wanted me to work with him so when I refused I think that was where our paths crossed. Yesterday he called me all sort of names Infront of people," Dan responded.

"And you let him go just like that?"

"I didn't want to create a fuss yesterday but that didn't mean I was letting him go,"

"Ok, I will deal with him," Denzel
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