Thirty-nine: Allies

It's a Saturday morning and James is seated in one of the booths of the fancy restaurant Selena had chosen for their meet-up. He’d flown into New York the evening of the previous day, and had spent the night at a hotel, to ensure he wouldn’t be late because he has other plans after he meets with Selena.

He sat there sipping from a glass of juice and occasionally glancing at the entrance in hopes of seeing Selena but each time he was disappointed, it only revved up his agitation, his eagerness coursing through him, and making him ball and unball his fists. He tried using his phone as a means of distraction but it did nothing to take his mind off the millions of possible ways his meeting with his ex-girlfriend could go. While he wondered what Selena would think of his feelings for Amelia, he wasn’t the least bit bothered. If his ex-girlfriend was still the same gold-digging two-faced woman he knew, then she would surely jump at the opportunity he was about to offer her.

After he’d con
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