Sixty-two: The Engagement

Ryan’s chauffeur rolled through the gates, pulling to a stop at the garage of the Davidson’s mansion. As soon as the roaring engine died, Ryan let out a deep breath, squeezing Amelia’s fingers that were laced with his. Throughout the drive from his penthouse to his parents home, his stomach had been in knots because he knew tonight was a big night and his plans could either go very well or down the drain and give way to more chaos. Now that they’d arrived at their destination, his anxiety only grew more, his chest tightening but one look at Amelia and he knew he’d do it for her. No matter how messy things get, he’d stick with her.

“Is it really necessary for me to be here?” Amelia asked, glancing at the house and forcefully swallowing the ball of anxiety in her throat.

“Hey…” Ryan gently tugged on her arm and her eyes locked with his. “I need to show them I’m serious about you, and there’s no other option for me, okay?”

She nodded her head, gliding her tongue across her glossy pink li
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