Seventy-three: Meeting the family 2

“Amelia, meet the entire Davidson’s family,” Mrs. Davidson said, with a smile on her face and her hand holding onto Amelia’s wrist. “Everyone, this is Amelia Ross, and this cute adorable darling here is her child. She’s been with Ryan for a while now,” she announced to everyone, watching the confusing expression on their faces morph into understanding.

Ryan stepped forward, circling his arms around Amelia’s waist and not caring that his entire family could see.

“She’s the woman I want to get married to, and the mother of my child,” he announced, pressing a kiss to where her neck connects to her shoulder, loving the way she shivered against him from that simple touch. If they hadn’t been in the midst of people, he could have carried on, until she was underneath him, squirming and moaning in pleasure.

“Welcome to the family, Amelia,” Benjamin’s mom, Adeline, said cheerfully. Amelia smiled gratefully at her as she stepped forward, pulling her into a warm embrace. “I know it may be overw
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