Eighty-five: Scandal

Lara has had a long day at work, from meeting with some renowned designers that were partnering with her brand, to interviewing the models she’d hired for the upcoming fashion show that she was planning. It was a hectic day but she was glad that everything was coming out fine and her business was gaining more ground, despite being a newbie in the fashion industry. A yawn slipped from her lips and she threw her head back, resting against the car seat. Her thoughts moved from her growing business to her father. It’s been a while since they last spoke and she knew he must have heard of her success from the news but she wanted to share it with him and tell him of her plans before they’ll be out. A small smile spread across her lips as she fished out her phone from her bag, knowing how excited her dad would be to hear about her business. He was always her biggest motivation and she wanted to make him proud.

Lara grabbed her phone and as soon as the screen lit up, what greeted her was a not
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