Ninety-four: Resignation

It’s been almost two months since Liu Feng-Zhang released the press release that changed the public’s view of Amelia. The news had finally died down and the paparazzi that had been lurking around Ryan’s home waiting to catch a glimpse of her to get more information out of her had gradually dissolved. Amelia was finally ready to return to her normal life and the first thing she wanted to do was to resume at her new place of work.

Despite realizing that she would be working for Jian, her step-brother, she wasn’t phased. After all, he was the only employer that had bothered to interview her for a job, after the countless ones she applied to. She wasn’t going to give it up because of a minor issue. She was also aware that it could bring up new rumors that she’d gotten a job at her family’s company but she didn’t mind. Worse things had been said about her in the past and she was beginning to realize that as long as she was already in the limelight, it was always going to be that way and a
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