Ninety-seven: Dinner Party

The news of Lara and Benjamin’s sudden relationship was still trending heavily on the media and has gotten to Adeline, Benjamin’s mom. At first, when she’d come across it and the pictures of her son and Ryan’s rumored love interest, the daughter of the well-known Chinese billionaire, she’d thought it was mere rumor. But her doubts were cleared when she came across more pictures of her son and Lara, dining at different restaurants and acting like couples.

Adeline was a bit disturbed, wondering what Benjamin was up to. The last time they’d spoken, he was actively working on his plans to take his rightful position in the affairs of the family from Ryan.

What was he doing with Lara Zhang? A girl that was Ryan’s leftovers? Has Benjamin lost his mind?

All of these questions bugged Adeline as she saw more photographs of her son and Lara trending on the news. She became so disturbed that she decided to call him, hoping he’d have a reasonable explanation for his actions and truly, she wasn’t
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