One-hundred and eight: Reconciliation

Amelia stared at the night sky, full of stars, and drew in a deep breath, before wrapping her arms around herself, as goose bumps broke out of her skin from the light breeze that was blowing. It was getting late but she didn’t want to go to bed yet. Dora was already sleeping soundly in Jian’s bed like she’d been doing since they arrived. Jian seemed to be enthralled by the toddler’s presence and she didn’t mind because it gave her the time to sort out her messy life.

After all that Jian told her regarding the incident that had happened at her wedding, she didn’t know where to start from. A part of her blamed herself for running away at the first sight of trouble but the other half was angry at Ryan for giving his ex-wife so much leverage in their lives and for not also informing her of all that had happened in her absence.

If only he’d told her, then she could have handled it better but deep down, she knew it doesn’t excuse her flighty habit.

Would Ryan still want her after she’d quic
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Mariana Brown
She’s so stupid it’s annoying!

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