Getting His Life Back

But even if I saw his daughter, be my friend for a very long time, still, I can't mate with her. I can't mate someone I barely know. Aside from that, I can't get touched, marked, and mated to someone I don't love.

"As if I have another choice?" It took me almost two minutes to say those words. "But, if given the chance I could pay you the amount, the agreement will get void, right?" had to make sure. I'm a male wolf, but my heart belongs to someone else's already. Mated or not, Ghino already owns my heart. And no other wolf could ever take that right away from me.

"It seems that this friend of yours was very special to you, huh?" Out of the blue, Vladimir asked. "It took you long enough to agree with me. May I know her name?"

Her name. Yeah. I forgot to mention to Vladimir that this special someone was a man, not a woman. All he knew was that this special someone who needs urgent attention, medically, financially and emotionally.

"Never mind, Prince Nathan. You don
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