King Versus Prince Part 2

Before I hopped out of the car, I first reached out to Ghino's digits to check if he was already awake since his first subject will start at 9:30. And he only have thirty more minutes before his class commence.

"Are you in your classroom now?" I asked the second he answered the call. Ghino's continuous breathing was evident that he was running. Could even hear the stuff in his backpack shaking.

"I'm still driving, Nathan. Can I call you back?" He asked.

"Are you still using the bike I gave you?"

"Yeah. And if you will not end the call, I might have an accident before I could reach the school." Ghino chuckled. "By the way, your dad dropped by my apartment. He gave me a small box of something. But I haven't checked what's inside of it because I was in a hurry. Could you please tell your dad my appreciation?"

Ghino did not even wait for my answer as he ended the call right away. Because I did not get any information about this time box, I started to feel restless
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