Payment for the Crime

"What do you want?" I cleared up my mind, setting aside everything from me; anger, hatred, exhaustion, and pride.

Two wolves that were somehow labeled the most important beings were currently in the middle of uncertainties.

The one that owns my heart and promised a forever. And the one whom I chose to mate and marry in order to uphold the dynasty my parents built for me.

Meanwhile, Nadine and Edwin were all ears to the person talking with me over the phone. Though they might have pictures of what was completely going on, I still have no plan to involve either of them.

The case was a bit risky for them. Let alone it already involves kidnapping and torturing. The three of them were valuable enough for Ghino. At least, if we are not on good terms anymore, he still has his friends to look out for him.

"Let us know what we can do, Prince Nathan. Ghino's our friend too." Edwin said right away after the call ended.

"Wait... You guys hear their conversations, right?"
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