Saving the Prince

"Don't make things hard for you, young prince. It's one against a thousand. Don't you see? This entire prison belongs to me. You may be the prince, wherever you come from, but I am the king of this place." Big Boss announced. The rest of the prisoners with us in the toilet room nodded in unison.

But even if they all agreed to the Big Boss' statement, my wolf could not deny the fact that there were parts of them that wanted to detach themselves from his kingdom and will stay in peace inside the penitentiary.

"No matter what you can do, you can't defeat me, Nathan. You're just a fucking useless prince. I'm the ruthless king. Three minutes. I'll give you three minutes to clean that up. I'm gonna take a bath after three minutes. If you can't finish that on time, I'm gonna cut off those fingers of yours. Are we clear?"

I refused to give my statement from his request. However, my wolf has left no choice. So, I grabbed the mop and bucket of water from the corner and started c
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