Chapter 98

"And how did you know that exactly?" I curiously asked.

"While you're busy worrying while dialling Nathan's digits, I reached out to one of our drivers to pick him up from the restaurant. His gig ended an hour before midnight. I realized the main road was busy at night."

Lilith then grabbed her seat at the humongous wooden table closer to my uncomfortable wolf. Could not help but always gulp a bulk of water down to my throat when it was my second time seeing her naked. The first time was at the Mating Night, the night we got touched, marked, and mated.

However, that night in the middle of the dense forest was completely indistinct. Though I can only see vivid of her image, my wolf was certain she turned naked after shifting into a wolf.

Forthwith, she was half-naked right in front of my eyes with the lights on. Even if I love Nathan passionately, there is, undeniably, something that got awakened inside me all of a sudden. I tried my dick not to do something awful b
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