Chapter 106

"However, the three of us will serve as the eyes and ears on your way to the restaurant." Jackson confused me with his statement.

"Im sorry, my wolf could not follow what are you talking about, Jackson," I said, displaying those long curve lines on my face. Then, I dragged my gaze at Ghino, thinking he knows what is going on. However, I only got a lift of the tip of the shoulders from Ghino.

"Wait a sec. I'm gonna get them in my backpack first." Jackson moved out of his seat and rushed to the couch where all their backpacks are set.

And I helplessly followed Jackson's feet heading away from the dining area until he passed the wall that divided the dining area and the house's mini-lounge.

"Do you have any idea what he was doing?" This time, my wolf asked Nadine since Ghino doesn't has no idea about it. They were supposed to be a team. How come Ghino did not know what Jackson is about to do?

"Let's just wait for Jackson. He's the one who will explain to us everyt
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