Chapter 127

"Please, wait a sec, Ghino. I'm checking on it now." Edwin muttered back.

While everyone in the apartment was busy checking and resolving the case of the first drone, I am also checking out my laptop if there was a malfunction. Or maybe my fingers had pressed some shortcut keys which I should not.

I may not be an expert when it comes to computer troubles compared to Jackson and Edwin, but I have some knowledge that could fix some basic troubleshooting.

Sadly, it seems that the case of the first drone was beyond my computer knowledge when I could find the issue and solution to its cause. I have already restarted the laptop a few times, yet the image that was linked to the drone was still dark. Technically, I believed that the problem was not the laptop but the drone.

It may have hit some trunks of the trees as I moved it forward when my wolf heard the blurred sound of an explosion or a rustling sound of dead leaves.

So, instead of wasting more time, I grabbed th
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