Chapter 146

The night we spent together on top of the car was close to perfection. Us, making love under the billions of stars in the sky as our sole witness. Who could have thought our journey to San Francisco started with chasing enemies and ending up on each other's chests and arms?

It was an exhausting but promising experience. Because my entire body was too weary, I slept faster than I expected. And so is Nathan.

"Look what you just did, Ghino? Can you recognize those wolves you killed in your hands?" A bolt of thunder followed by a flash of electrifying lightning struck my ears. The boisterous and rough voice was coming from no other than Victor.

Compared to my previous nightmare which I haven't told anyone about, his presence was all over the place but I could barely find utter darkness.

So, I dropped my gaze to my hands and found two wolves, both lifeless. I could see fist-size holes on their chest as though their hearts were both ripped off. The worst part is that I c
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